Water Restoration Equipment Rental

Dry Kings water damage restoration equipment rental services has you covered when disaster strikes

When you find yourself dealing with water leaks or intrusions, it’s important to take action quickly to prevent further water damage by thoroughly drying the affected area. Mops, fans and residential dehumidifiers work hard, but they can only do so much. When moisture seeps into unseen or hard-to-reach places or gets absorbed into the flooring and walls, powerful water restoration equipment is needed to get ahead of additional damage and protect against mold growth. Looking for water extraction or commercial dehumidifier rentals near you? You can count on Dry Kings Restoration equipment rental services to provide a wide range of the best commercial water extraction equipment available! We service San Francisco, Marin County, Napa County, Sonoma County and the Bay Area.

Commercial Dehumidifier Rental

Durable enough to handle constant, heavy-duty use, our commercial rental dehumidifiers are designed to quickly and efficiently extract moisture from your property following water intrusion or leaks. Each industrial dehumidifier rental is tested to withstand wide temperature ranges, constant usage and potentially corrosive environments. Because of this, they outperform residential units in every measure when it comes to protecting your property from further water damage and guarding against mold growth during the restoration process. Rent a dehumidifier from Dry Kings Restoration today.

Air Mover Rental

Commercial air movers are specifically designed to concentrate a powerful output of air targeted at carpets and floors. They are essential for quickly drying an area and preventing further issues. A smaller machine that works directly over the area where it is placed, its airflow can often be adjusted to more effectively target a troublesome section of flooring. While many property owners make the mistake of relying on home fans to dry a water damaged area, utilizing a commercial air mover rental during the restoration process will dry the area much faster and help you avoid the headache of mold growth and warped or rotted flooring. Contact us to learn more about our air mover and carpet dryer rental services today.

Water Extraction Equipment Rental

For sucking up small spills or leaks, a Shop Vac or residential carpet cleaner may be sufficient. However, when you’re tackling a water intrusion event, more powerful water extraction equipment may be needed. Professional-grade water extraction equipment is designed to compress the carpet and generate more powerful suction, helping it remove as much as 95% of water from the carpet, pad and subfloor. The more water you can get up, the quicker your property’s carpet will dry, making it more likely you’ll be able to avoid replacing the flooring after a water intrusion event. Reach out to Dry Kings Restoration to rent water extraction equipment today.

Rent Water Restoration Equipment from Dry Kings Restoration

When it comes to protecting your property, there’s no time to waste once you discover a water problem. Protect your property by renting dehumidifiers or water restoration equipment from Dry Kings Restoration today. Contact us at (844) 379-5464 to learn more about our restoration equipment rental services.

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