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Act Quickly When Smoke Gets In Your Eyes and House

If you experienced a fire, dealing with the aftermath can be quite devastating. However, take heart and know – you are not alone. Our restoration team is highly trained and specialized to deal with smoke damage. We use environmentally friendly ways to remove odor from contents and building materials so you can breathe again.

Smoke damage can be harmful to structures and personal property. Whenever you have an electrical fire, kitchen grease fire, or any other fire happening in your building, smoke is one of the major contributors to damage. Even if the fire is quite small, localized, or put out quickly, you could still have extensive smoke damage throughout the property. You do not want to let smoke and related odors linger too long because they will soak into furniture, carpets, and the walls. The longer you leave smoke damage, the harder it is going to be to do the repair work. You want to remove these odors in a timely manner. We are committed to meeting the highest of industry standards. Our technicians are IICRC certified and general contractors. You can trust that you are safe when it comes to smoke and odor removal. It is our goal to get your structure back to its original state as if the damage never happened. We will document and monitor the process to ensure that your belongings and property are treated in a proper manner.

We advise you to call a restoration company (click to call (415) 993-1298) immediately to minimize health threats and avoid extensive structural damage to your building. Don’t hesitate to present all your questions and doubts; we have in-depth knowledge and are ready to illuminate you on the restoration process, insurance coverage and pricing.

Our Dry Kings team can deal with any sort of disaster when smoke is involved.

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Our Smoke Damage Removal Process

Step 1 - Emergency Contact: The smoke cleanup process begins once you call our emergency center. We are available 24/7 to make sure we are there to help when you need us. Our representative will ask you a couple of questions to determine the resources, equipment, and personnel required for your specific situation. Once you call us at (415) 993-1298 we will dispatch a crew to inspect your property.

Step 2 - Remove the Contaminated Air: Box fans will be placed throughout the contaminated space. We will open all windows in order to force out all of the dust. Proper ventilation will prevent the structure from suffering further damage and reduce potential health threats. We will set up HEPA air filters that clean the air from invisible smoke particles and dust. You will already feel the difference once this step is completed.

Step 3 - Remove Any Loose Smoke Contamination: Our professional cleaning team will use special dry cleaning sponges to remove loose smoke particles from surfaces, contents, and furniture.

Step 4 - Cleaning of Surfaces: Special chemicals will be used to deep clean the affected surfaces. A high-efficiency vacuum cleaner equipped with a HEPA particulate air filter will suck micro smoke particles out of carpets as well as upholsteries. This step prevents any soot from being blown back onto surfaces that have already been cleaned.

Step 5 - Launder Items: We will clean washable materials such as curtains, clothing, and bedding with a special alkaline cleaner. Any acids from soot will be neutralized, and smells and contaminants eliminated.

Step 6 - Final Cleaning: We will do a final cleaning on the eaves and the exterior walls of the structure using a pressure washer. This will loosen and agitate any stuck-on soot particles. We will deep clean the outside of the structure to remove any of the smoke damage until all soot has been removed successfully.

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