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Sewage backup can be a serious problem. Our team at Dry Kings has the training and experience to deal with these issues. You can call us at (415) 993-1298, and we will come and address this issue for you.

There are many reasons for sewage spills. A backed-up septic tank, toilet overflow, or a backup in the actual sewer system itself can be serious as well as a hazardous condition. The contaminated water contains bacteria, viruses, and other microbes that are capable of causing serious illnesses unless the spill is dealt with in a professional manner. Our team uses proper precautions to protect ourselves as well as your family from these diseases. You want to address this issue as quickly as possible, and our team is capable of doing this for you.

We also work to protect other areas of the structure from further water and sewage damage. When you have water damage that occurs from a sewage spill, this can lead to the growth of mold. This mold growth will create more health issues for you and your family. A sewage overflow might happen even when you are not at home.

Our professional team at Dry Kings will clean upholstery, carpet, and the associated mess. We can restore items that have been damaged by water and also decontaminate the home. If the sewage has saturated drywall or carpeting, then the materials need to be removed and replaced. Our team uses advanced mitigation techniques to accomplish this. We use devices such as air scrubbers, dehumidifiers, and steam cleaners to ensure the entire structure is cleaned successfully.

Regardless of the extent of your septic issue, it’s vital you call professionals such as our team at Dry Kings. We work in the San Francisco area and can be there quickly to deal with the issue.

We advise you to call a restoration company (click to call (415) 993-1298) immediately to minimize health threats and to avoid extensive structural damage to your building. Don’t hesitate to present all your questions and doubts; we have in-depth knowledge and are ready to illuminate you on the restoration process, insurance coverage and pricing.

Our Dry Kings team can deal with any sort of disaster when sewage and sewer water is involved.

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  • Category 1: "Clean Water" Includes water from a clean source. This can be water from a broken water supply line or a leaking faucet. Category 1 water can turn into category 2 or 3 when left untreated.
  • Category 2: "Gray Water" Gray water is contaminated. It could cause discomfort or illness and should be treated with carefulness. Examples include washing machine overflow, toilet overflow with some urine, but no feces, or dishwasher overflow. Category 2 water may contain bacteria and viruses. It can quickly degrade into category 3 if left untreated.
  • Category 3: "Black Water" Category 3 water is grossly contaminated and could cause severe illness or death if ingested, and any contact should be avoided. If you are having a sewage backup, you are dealing with black water. Other examples include flooding from rivers, streams, or standing water that has begun to support microbial growth. Black water may contain untreated sewage, harsh chemicals, and microbes. It should not be handled by an unprofessional. Call us immediately when dealing with Category 3 water!

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