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Fire Damage Restoration in

Fire Damage

Water Damage Repair and Dryout in

Water Damage
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Smoke &
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Water and fire can do serious structural damage to your building. At Dry Kings, we not only extract water and dry out the affected space, as general contractors we also make sure you get your property to its pre-loss condition. Although it is our goal to preserve as much of the structure as we can, it is unavoidable that we have to declare some building materials as unsalvageable. Opening up walls, removing drywall, and even disposing of wet carpet and wallpaper are necessary steps for the recovery of your space. We are experts in refinishing floors, doing tile work, rebuilding walls, drywall, texturing, and painting.

Reconstruction Services

Commercial Demolition

Your tenants move out, and you need your commercial property the way it was before? When you call us, our construction team comes in quickly and takes out all the structures you want removed. No matter if it is a whole store closing down or if you just plan on doing a remodel – we can handle it all.

Commercial Demolition in
Commercial Demolition in

Commercial Rebuilds

When water damage happens, moisture gets absorbed into the flooring and walls and can intrude into hard to reach places. We not only extract excess water from surfaces but we also make sure to dry out contents and building materials. A lot of times, especially if water damage is not taken care of immediately, parts of the interior structures get severely damaged. We make sure to remove damaged structures and replace them accordingly so it looks like the damage never occurred.

Commercial Rebuilds and Reconstruction in
Commercial Rebuilds and Reconstruction in
Commercial Rebuilds and Reconstruction in

Residential Build Backs

Removing this carpet revealed Douglas Fir flooring that seemed to be ruined. But we didn’t give up that easily! With the help of careful sanding and refinishing techniques and a new coat of sealant, we brought it back to its original beauty.

Residential Reconstruction in
Residential Reconstruction in
Residential Reconstruction in

This bathroom needed a full remodel. The linoleum flooring was replaced with LVT, a new vanity was built in, the lighting was updated, the whole room textured and painted, and the wooden ceiling stained to a beautiful mahogany finish.

Bathroom Remodeling in
Bathroom Remodeling in
Bathroom Remodeling in

Dining Room textured, primed, and painted

Interior Painting Services in
Interior Painting Services in

Master Bedroom textured, primed, and painted

Interior Painters in
Interior Painters in

Reconstruction Services

  • Your needs are the most important. We prioritize your requests and goals and the needs of your company, clients, and tenants.
  • We give you timely access to all the information you need and keep you updated about the reconstruction process.
  • 2 in 1 – We are a full-service restoration company. That means we not only help you to dry out your building or mitigate damage, but we also provide solutions for reconstructing the affected spaces.
  • At Dry Kings, we do things the right way. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your peace of mind.

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