You Should Shut Off Utilities During a Disaster

You Should Shut Off Utilities During a Disaster

During a disaster, it’s important to turn off your utilities. Earthquakes, floods, fires, and other disasters can happen quickly. By turning off the utilities in your home this can prevent further damage. You should know how to shut off the electricity, natural gas, water supplies, and other utilities.

Natural Gas

Shutting off the natural gas will vary depending upon where you live to the type of home you live in. You should contact the gas company to find out the safe way for shutting off your gas supply in accordance with the gas meter that you have. Once you know how to shut off the gas then you can practice doing this with your family but don’t actually turn off the gas while you are practicing. If you have a gas detector in your home or you smell gas near a gas-fueled appliance or a gas pipe make sure you open a window and everyone gets out of the house as quickly as possible. Once you’ve turned off the gas supply call the gas company as soon as you can. Never attempt to turn gas back on by yourself. You want a qualified professional to do this safely.


If after a natural disaster you’ve noticed that there has been electrical damage in the home you want to turn off the electricity as quickly as possible. This will prevent electrical shocks as well as prevent fires. You want to locate the main circuit box and bring a flashlight with you. Inside of the Box panel, there are multiple switches including the main switch. You should turn off each switch individually before you turn off the main switch.


After a disaster, the waterline can become polluted because the lines might be cracked. You should shut off the water immediately and then turn it back on until the authorities say that it is safe for you. you should locate the shut-off valve for your water line in the home which can be in a number of areas. These areas include on a wall at the front of the house, near your water heater, in the garage, or it might be buried outside someplace near the street. you should label this valve so you can easily find it when you need to. The valve should be completely closed after it is turned clockwise. If it doesn’t close completely rusty so you should talk to a technician about having it replaced

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